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Portable Toilet Rentals for Events, Seasonal and Construction

Premier Toilet Rentals

Portable Toilet Rentals Ottawa Ontario Canada


Premier Toilet Rentals is a brand new Portable Toilet Rental company servicing the Ottawa Area

We are a small, locally owned company and our staff bring over 25 years of experience providing portable toilets to events, seasonal clients and construction sites.

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Portable Toilet

Our Portable Toilets

Perfect for Seasonal, Events and Construction Sites

Christmas Market

Our Portable Toilet Options

Our catalog below describes each type of unit and the equipment included in the rental. We have many different options to best suit your needs. We offer quantity discounts on event rentals, long term rental rates for seasonal sites and Ministry Compliant portable toilets for construction sites.

Regular Portable Toilet with Hand Sanitizer

Regular Toilet

Our basic model unit

This is the standard model unit. Comes with toilet paper and hand sanitizer.

Accessible Portable Toilet

Accessible Unit

Our wheelchair accessible unit

This is the wheelchair accessible unit. Comes with grab bars, a lower tank for ease of use, toilet paper and hand sanitizer.

Regular Portable Toilet with a Sink

Regular -Sink Toilet

Our basic model with a sink inside

This is the standard model unit with a sink. Comes equipped with a foot operated sink, soap, paper towel and toilet paper.

Recirculation Portable Toilet

Recirculation Toilet

Our recirculation model with a sink inside

This unit features a foot operated pump to flush the toilet. Comes equipped with a sink, soap, paper towel and toilet paper.

Handwash Station

Handwash Station

Double sided hand wash station

This unit is a separate stand alone unit. Featuring a two sided sink. Comes equipped with paper towel, soap and  water. No hose hook up required.

Construction in Progress

Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Do the portable toilets come stocked?

  • All our units come with 2-3 rolls of toilet paper. 

  • Hand sanitizer is provided in all units without a sink

  • Units with a sink are equipped with paper towel and soap

Do the portable toilets or hand wash stations require a hose?

  • No, all our units are self contained and stocked with water at time of delivery.

Do the portable toilets have a light inside them?

  • No, our portable toilets have a white roof to allow natural light in. Should you be using the unit at night, we recommend a battery operated click light.


How many units do I need for my event:

  • You can refer to the special event chart below but when inquiring about bigger events the following information is required: How long the event will be held, how many people will attend, will there be cleanings required during the event, will the event have food and/or alcohol.

Construction Sites

How many units do I need for my construction site: 

  • Non-flushing chemical units are suitable for 1-10 workers

  • Flushing chemical units are suitable for 1-15 workers

  • If 5 or more units are required, one unit must be designated "Women Only"

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